Online Board Meeting Minutes / Agenda / Action Item List
Idea shared by Shaun Peet - 4/11/2016 at 8:52 AM
Employee Post
One of the things we've seen many associations struggle with is the ability to maintain a living "action item list" for board members which shows the full history of an agenda item - including the meeting(s) where it was discussed, any related motion(s), the person(s) assigned to the task, etc.  In particular there is a wide variety of ways in which associations capture and organize this information currently - and even within the same organization this can vary as board members change.
So we're looking for feedback from the community on what they'd like to see developed which can make the process of communicating meeting agendas easier, tracking actionable items from meetings, and posting minutes to the public.  Please submit your ideas by replying to this thread.

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