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Question asked by - 8/22/2016 at 11:57 AM
We have currently lost our website counter on the homepage (did you remove the feature). 
As well, in the back-end, under System Administration --> Reports, there is a Website Traffic selection, but when clicked, nothing shows up.  Is it a dead feature, in progress, or something that needs to be activated?  We would like to see if traffic stats on some pages to verify use, navigation to, etc.  Similarly, Sponsor Clicks and User Activity seem to be disabled as well.

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Shaun Peet Replied
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There are actually two methods we use to capture the website traffic, and they show different results so it's good to know which one to use and when / why.
First, the counters that show on the bottom-left of the home page are driven by our raw server logs and use a program called SmarterStats to provide the analysis.  We extract that data on a daily basis to display on the site, but if there's a hiccup then the counter might not show for a day or more and we'll usually get it fixed asap.  These logs will include any visits to the site from any device for any reason - so it'll include calendar feed requests, Google Image searches, etc.  So the number shown in the counter will be the "big number" but not necessarily the best measure of human-generated traffic.
Second, each site has another service we pay for called Clicky enabled.  Clicky is a javascript-based real-time tracking service that will only measure actual human traffic to the site, unless they've disabled javascript (in which case the site probably won't work at all) or have blocked Clicky (unlikely).  Clicky captures an enormous amount of anonymous information about your site's visitors so you can see which pages are being visited, the path people take to them, etc.  In most cases, when looking at website traffic for analysis purposes, you should be looking at your Clicky data by going to Control Panel -> Manage Site Content -> (organization site) -> Real-Time Web Analytics.
Hope that helps,

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