Ability to present information entered on forms dynamically on the website
Idea shared by - 9/8/2016 at 5:07 PM
I would like to be able to take information entered through online forms and present it on password protected sections of our website.
Currently we have to give users access to all forms and the control panel for them to be able to retrieve the data for any individual form.  I would like to be able to build a page that shows the data from one specific form, and give the person responsible for processing that data access to that page.
For example, we have someone responsible for reviewing tournament participation requests.  Rather than give them access to all form reports, it would be nice if they had a page on the website they could go to that shows all the submitted requests and then be able to open each one from there.  
Having the ability to build filters for the information shown from the forms would also be helpful.  Same example as above, if the person processing the tournament requests could approve or reject a request and then have it disappear from the list they are working from would make it a very powerful and useful tool.
Another application would be if you have a form that only allows 10 submissions, you could have a counter setup to show how many submissions have been received based off the report information.  This would allow us to show, for example, how many spots are still open in a particular division of a tournament you might be hosting.

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