How does the Games with Issues tab on the Officials Module work?
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Could you please explain how the Games with Issues tab is meant to work?  We currently have a number of games where refs have been assigned but not timekeepers, or vice versa, which would seem to be an issue, but none of those games show up when we check the Games with Issues tab.  We have two assignors (one for refs, one for tks), and it would be much easier to spot games where one or the other has missed assigning their officials if those games showed up on the Games with Issues list.  The same is true of the Unassigned Games tab:  as long as one of the assignors has entered officials, the games show up as being assigned, even if not all the officials are in place.  Is there a way that one of those tabs could help the assignors be assured that all officials have been assigned?
Many thanks!

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Shaun Peet Replied
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HI Beth,
Whenever looking at a list of games, it's possible to filter the assignments by position and then the list of games will update accordingly.
For example, if you have a game with 2 referees assigned but no timekeepers and were to look at the "unassigned games" page - if at the top you are looking for "all positions" then that game would not appear in the list because there are at least some officials assigned.  But if you were to just check the Timekeeper position at the top, then the game *would* show in the list because no officials have been assigned for that particular position.
To answer your question though, the "Games With Issues" page will show games which have a mis-match in the number of officials assigned to a position compared to what the default settings are.  So, if a game is supposed to have 2 referees and 2 timekeepers, and there's only 1 timekeeper assigned, then that would show in the games with issues page.
  • Unassigned Games - games with nobody assigned for the position(s) selected
  • Games With Issues - games with the incorrect number of people assigned for the position(s) selected
Hope that helps,
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It does help, Shaun. Thanks so much.

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