Is there any way to have private documents?
Question asked by - 9/26/2016 at 9:25 AM
Is there any way that we can store/keep living manuals like drafts for team manuals, policies, etc that are kept away from public view?  Right now, "View all documents" can be done by any team webmaster without any restrictions, so any 'higher level' documents are unsecured.  Any way of locking them down so they cannot be viewed?  I.e. private/documents...

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In order to have secured documents you'd require a Custom Portal.  A Custom Portal looks similar to a team page, however users would need to be activated in order to use it.  From here you can post news, secure documents, and even place e-votes by use of the online polls since users would be required to login in order to use this portion of the site.  Many associations which have activated this feature use this for their Executive members for internal communications as needed.  For pricing on this, please visit http://mbsportsweb.ca/Pricing/ or contact support@mbsportsweb.ca in order to activate.

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