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Under Consideration
As a future enhancement I would like to propose creating a comment section when assigning a referee (or timekeeper) to a game or set of games.  These could be special instructions for the officials.  Some current situations that I could use this for are as follows; advising referees of special rule situations for the game, such as a Tyke game where we don't call offsides or icings, advising a referee that their partner is a brand new official so extra assistance would be appreciated, advising referees to be ready to go on the ice 15 minutes before game time like during a tournament.
I'm sure that there are other situations were this comment section would be helpful instead of continually sending out emails to referees that have been assigned in the above situations.

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Shaun Peet Replied
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Changed to "Under Consideration"
Most likely a comment box could only be used at the time of the initial assignment and ONLY within the email notification sent to the official.
It is already possible to add notes to an assignment in the auditing table, although anything entered there does not show up for the official currently.
The assignment form already has a ton of information on it, so we'd have to figure out a way to elegantly add another, potentially large, box on that form which may not be easy to do either.  For that reason, it might be something that gets added to the auditing table as a second step - but the drawback there is that the comment wouldn't be included in the email notification.
So - not easy to do but still something we'll consider for the future.

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