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Idea shared by - 11/22/2016 at 12:04 AM
As a future enhancement, it would be helpful to add some additional options that we can configure within the official's profile.  Currently we assign hockey to several different leagues where only select referees are either able, due to completing a cross over, or willing, because they are available during the day.  We are an Alliance centre but also do OWHA (which requires a crossover) and OMHA (which requires a crossover).  We also supply refs to Laurier University and our High Schools which occur during the day when most people are working. 
It would be helpful if we could select check boxes (similar to the 2 man ref, 3 man linesman etc) within the refs profile to select such leagues as OMHA, OWHA etc.  I realize that all associations will be different so it would likely have to be customizable by each association. 

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Shaun Peet Replied
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As the "referee groups" become more and more decoupled from the individual associations the existing game officials module will continue to run into "rough edges" like this.  We are planning a replacement system for minor hockey which will address these scenarios, but the existing module attached to an association site just won't be able to handle that kind of complexity given that it's designed for multi-sport use.

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