Any chance that the site will work with Game Changer?
Question asked by - 1/31/2017 at 8:14 PM
One of the coaches have asked if there is anyway that the game scores can we add by a feed from Game Changer.
Game Changer is a program that they use to keep score of the ball game. It is available on desktop or mobile device. Depending in the subscription and the score keeper, you can have live play by play tracking.  
After the game is over, the program will use the stats to send out a game summery by email or text. It will also update your Titter page. I'm not sure if it will update Face book. 
This is a program that some of the other coaches are looking into using and it would be nice if we could use it to update the website as well.  
If Yes, how do I set it up. Is there a Knowledge Base page to give me this info?
If  Not, is there programs like this that will work with are website?
Thanks for your help,
Jamie / smgsa.ca

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