The ability to grant specific permissions to online form responses
Idea shared by LJK Admin - March 10, 2017 at 11:41 AM
Under Consideration
During tryout registration I need to export all tryout registration information, manipulate the data, then email a registrar, who in turn gets this data to all coaches to create tryout lists, monitor registration numbers etc.
It would be a huge feature enhancement to be able to assign various permissions to a specific user to a form, both read only and full admin.  This user could then edit or only read the form responses, then get the data where it is needed.
Thanks in advance.
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Shaun Peet Replied
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The easiest way to implement the read-only part would be to allow providing a special "access code" (similar to how the password protected pages work) and therefore wouldn't require a full login.
Full control would be much more difficult to implement as obviously that would require a full username & password to track who is making edits to the form (and perhaps accessing the data).  Is the point of this to limit this person's scope of access or just to simplify things?
Of the two, the read-only thing is definitely easier to roll out but if that's not what's actually needed then we don't need to waste time on that part.

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