Is there a way to copy ice slots from one season to another?
Idea shared by - 3/14/2017 at 11:09 AM
Was hopeful that there is an option to copy ice slot from one season to the next years.  Most association ice rentals remain the same.  Would save an abundance of time....

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Shaun Peet Replied
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Hello Kaury,
Unfortunately there's currently no "button" to copy the ice slots from year to year.  It would be possible to maintain an excel spreadsheet of ice slots which get imported each year, and as long as the dates are properly incremented it should work fine.
Our experience, however, has not been that ice contracts are the same from year to year.  Perhaps similar, but depending on the amount of variation it's hard to say whether it would be faster (or more accurate) to start with a blank template rather than modify something which is pre-populated.
I'll change this topic to an idea and see if there are others who request this functionality be added.  Thanks for the suggestion,

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