How do I move a Team Site?
Question asked by - 5/2/2017 at 8:24 PM
We have soccer travel teams that we need to show under the leagues that they play in..I have created the teams NOW, how do I "move them" so they are listed under the correct league?
Thanks in advance!

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Shaun Peet Replied
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Hello Shelley,
When creating or editing a team, there will be a "member of" drop-down available which will list:
* The season that they were created in
* Any (house) Leagues created in that season
* Any (house) League Divisions created for any leagues
(note - the divisions for a house league is rarely used, it's only for house league age groups with a large amount (10+) of teams)
So to assign a team to a league, simply change the selection in the "member of" drop-down.  This is done by going to System Administration -> Manage Seasons -> Setup Season Members -> (select the season), and then double-clicking on the team.
Note that the leagues have to be created first in order to assign a team to that league.
The other option available when adding / editing a team is the "category" drop-down which is typically used to group collections of non-league (ie travel) teams.
Hope that helps,

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