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Idea shared by Shaun Peet - 7/2/2017 at 6:52 PM
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The site has had the ability to import players into the master list for over a decade, and actually hasn't changed much over that time.  But based on the new ability to import AND assign coaches to rosters as described here...
... we thought it would be nice to add the ability to assign players to rosters via an import as well.
So this is now available in Control Panel -> Registration Module -> Importing -> Import / Assign Players
Adding the ability to assign players to the importing page does make things a bit more tricky when it comes to duplicate detection since the page needs to be absolutely sure that it selects the correct player when assigning to a roster.  The best way to ensure this happens is to provide a birthdate & hometown (or registration ID) along with the player's first and last name.
However, we also wanted this new import & assign page to work better with the tryout lists feature of the site.  The scenario is that once the coach (or tryout administrator) has marked a player as "selected" in the tryout list, that a file containing the first & last names of the selected player (which is all that exists in the tryout list) and the team they've been selected to, is generated and then easily imported into the new import / assign player page.
So with that in mind we've also created a new export page in the Registration Module under Exporting -> Selected Tryout List Players.  This will create a list of all the players marked selected in the tryout lists, for all teams, and export it to a CSV file.  That file, in theory, could then be directly imported into the Import / Assign Players page.
Please give this a try and let us know what works / doesn't work, and if there's anything we can improve!

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struggling with this.
I exported my tryout list but it contains , released , selected and pending players. In order to use this file for import to build a team list. I would first have to filter the list. however, I cannot do it without first speaking to each coach and having them give me the complete list of players.
I am asking the coaches to ensure that they make their players as either selected or released.
The files required for import is in a different order than the exported file

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