New Feature - Enhanced Team Tournament Tracking
Idea shared by Shaun Peet - 7/12/2017 at 1:51 PM
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Today we are rolling out some changes to the team tournaments stored within the scheduling module.
First, we have added a spot to store a "Sanction #" for a tournament.  This is available on the team tournament form found within the Scheduling module.  When provided, the Sanction # for a tournament will automatically appear in brackets "()" after the name of the tournament in the schedule & results and in the calendar.  It will also appear within the scheduling module's list of tournaments, in the tournaments export, and in the new team tournament report described below.
Second, we have added a spot to store an "Admin Status" for a tournament.  This is also available on the team tournament form within the Scheduling module.  In order to use this, the statuses you'd like to track for your association need to be setup in System Administration -> Setup & Settings -> Scheduling Preferences.  Once one or more Admin Statuses exist, they can be set for the team tournaments.  These admin statuses will be part of the team tournament export as well as the new team tournament report described below.
Third, we have added a new "Team Tournaments Report".  The location of this is www.(your-domain-name.com)/Reports/Tournaments.  This page has some sorting & filtering options but basically it will show a list of all tournaments entered for a given date range, grouped by team.  Both the Sanction # and Admin Status will appear on this page, if entered.  This page is also designed to be printer-friendly.
We hope you find these new features useful for tracking team tournaments - both from a scheduling and from and administrative standpoint.

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Great enhancement!! A big step towards making travel permits more manageable. Thanx!
Question - would it be possible to have the module recognise duplicate tournaments and automatically fill in the Sanction number? For example, my association has 10 teams attending the Garden City Early Bird. It would be nice if, after I filled in the Sanction Number on the first one, the module recognised that the other 9 are the same tournament and automatically carried it over. Rather than having to fill in all 10 manually.
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Another thought - can we add a column to identify the Host Center? When I am requesting Travel Permits, if the tournament is within the OMHA it is free, otherwise there is a fee. It would be useful to track that here as well - both from an organisational stand point and for reporting/audit purposes.

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