Dedicated Twitter Feeds for Team Pages
Idea shared by Steve \ Zanon - October 19, 2014 at 9:24 PM
Under Consideration
I would like to suggest that teams have the ability to display their own
twitter feed. Today many teams have their own Twitter site and it would be
good to be able to display that feed instead of the organizations on their
home page.
What do you think?

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Following this idea, the possibility to detach the team posts from the Organization's twitter (or FB) would allow for content published on the social networks to be only the information promoted by the association itself.

This way, if a team chooses to post a reminder, a notice or a fun fact that only concerns the players of the team in question, the information will not be automatically published to the organization's twitter (or FB) account.
Maxim Proulx
Greater Kingston Hockey Association
I think it would be great to be able to detach news posted by individual teams from our association Twitter feed. I know I can delete tweets manually within Twitter but when there are a lot of game results and news articles getting posted it is too big a task. We would prefer to use our feed for Association level posts only.
As stated above it would be great to have only organization tweets posted as a few teams have already commented that they would prefer to not have their individual articles appear on our feed.
Agree with other posters. Would be great to have separate feeds for the org and the individual teams.
Our association would also like to detach individual team news articles from automatically being posted on the organization twitter feed.
Our association would also like to detach individual team articles from the twitter feed. They are quite unhappy with that feature. It's quickly getting to the point where we may have to stop the game score feed.

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