Cross / Half Ice Scheduling
Question asked by Michael Kelly - August 4, 2017 at 1:47 PM
Just wondering best practices to schedule multiple games on the same ice surface at the same time.  With the recent mandate from the OMHA to have half or cross ice games at the lower levels this is an issue for the coming year.

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Shaun Peet Replied
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Hello Michael,
There's a couple of options currently, and we might also be working to evolve things for this situation even more down the road.  But for now:
1) Schedule multiple games / practices for multiple teams on the same venue at the same time.  The downsides of this option are that the scheduling module will constantly warn about the conflicts and that the auto-scheduler probably won't be able to do its thing.  Eventually the conflict warnings become something that the scheduler learns to ignore, however, we feel that when the system is alerting the user about a potential conflict that it should be an actual problem more often than not.
2) Create extra venues to handle the half-ice situation.  The huge downside of this is the potential to schedule something on the half-ice venue and something on the full-ice venue at the same time which would not show a conflict warning.  However, if the ice slots have gone into the scheduling module properly then the available ice would not show on the full ice whenever ice slots have been setup for the half-ice venues.  The benefit of this approach is that the auto-schedulers would work great.  The other minor downside is that it creates a bit of clutter in the scheduling module with the extra venues (particularly if there are a lot of them) and for arena staff it might be hard(er) to understand the venue usage.
Again, as mentioned, we'll be looking into ways to make this better down the road but for now those are the two recommended options, and we've seen both implemented successfully in the past.  It depends on specifics of the association and personal preference.
Hope that helps,
Mark Girard Replied
Has there been any updates the system to better handle half ice scheduling yet?

Mark Girard

VP Jr House League & Site Admin

Dundas Minor Hockey Association


I don't like 1) because I use those warnings to find actual problems.  If there are a handful of those on every scheduling screen then it's really easy for a valid warning to get missed.
2) is a bit of a pain.
If you want a guinea pig for any potential solutions then I'm game to try it.
Shaun Peet Replied
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We have created a new "Warning Suppression" system to handle this situation perfectly.  It's in the Scheduling module, under Setup -> Warning Suppression.  We will be creating additional documentation in the near future however there are descriptions available for each of the settings listed which should provide clues on how to use this.
OK, that could work too. I'll check it out.

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