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Idea shared by Shaun - September 12, 2017 at 8:31 PM
Hi Shaun,
I believe we may have discussed some of this before but here is a wish list of features that I'm sure many would like to see considered for development.
- Ability to limit the number of assignments an official can take in a row and set a mandatory rest period
- Ability to have conditional assignments - ie if one official is this level, then this level can be assigned to a game
- Ability to select multiple time blocks on the calendar - ie available between 'a and b', not available between 'c and d', available again between 'e and f'
- Ability to lock out a time period after assignments are submitted so that officials cannot change their availability
- Ability for the assignor to have to confirm a self-swap prior to the assignment being changed
- Ability to email all officials available from the Find Sub option of game assignments
Thanks for your consideration.

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