Better Ways to Display List of Ice Slots
Idea shared by - August 15, 2018 at 3:51 PM
The first thing I want to do in any season is to enter all of the available ice that we have at each of the arenas we use.  Then I want to verify that I have it correct before I schedule anything--otherwise I just create more work.
The list of ice slots as displayed is very difficult to compare against a calendar or list of chronological ice times. I propose that you add a chronological listing that lists every block of ice in chronological order.  This would be much easier to compare against lists from arenas.

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I'll reply to my own thread:  I can get what I want by exporting the ice slots. That report is exactly what I want so I guess this is already solved.  Thanks MicroAge Basics for solving this before I knew I had a problem....

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