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Problem reported by Duane Homick - September 22 at 9:51 AM
When I run the scheduling report for allocation and the practice is shared, it only seems to give the practice to one team and not the other.  
I'm looking to generate a report for our board that shows the time on ice for all our teams (in particular, practice time) and this is preventing me from doing so since it miscounts for shared practices.
Please advise if this is a bug or intentional.  If it's intentional, having an option to deal with shared practices differently would be a big improvement.

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Shaun Peet Replied
Employee Post
Hi Duane,
Is this using the new Master Allocation report?
Duane Homick Replied
No, this is using the normal 'Allocation' report.  Screenshot 2018-10-02 11.36.48.png
Michael Kelly Replied
The Master Allocation Report treats shared practices as 1/2 the time.  So if it was a 50 min shared practice then each team is allocated 25 min.  It would be great for a report to have them show the actual amount of time they were on the ice... the 50 min.

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