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Idea shared by - 10/28/2014 at 1:47 PM
Just thought I would start a thread relating to the Game Officials Module and potential enhancements.
1.  Ability to receive and accept games via text message.
2.  As the assignor / supervisor / coordinator ability to view full schedule on mobile device.
3.  As the assignor the ability to assign games via mobile device.
4.  The integration of tournament and regular games on 1 schedule so the assignor can work both lists simultaneously.
5.  As an official the ability to maintain calendar via mobile device.

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6. Keep track of number of games denied by an official.
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#2 and #3 would be huge for myself as well. I have over 100 officials, and #2 means when somebody doesn't show or is late, I can't quickly identify which game and who isn't there

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