Flag for Tentative Items in Calendar
Idea shared by - 12/12/2014 at 4:23 PM
It would be helpful to have a flag to allow Tentative items to show up in the Calendar for planning purposes.  Right now in order to show coaches or anyone not using the Control Panel a proposed schedule you have to make all entries live.  By enabling a flag you could allow the proposed schedule(s) to be displayed, for example to facilitate a scheduling meeting, and then turn it off afterwards.

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I use the tentative feature extensively.  In fact, I normally have the whole year scheduled tentatively and then make things public as the season progresses.
Normally what I do is make the tentative items public just before scheduling meetings for the length of their league.
So what I think you're proposing is really adding another state to the tentative flag.  Instead of being ON or OFF you would have:
Private -- no one but the scheduler can see it
Local -- only team managers/coaches could see it
Public -- everyone can see it.
I think that would be the best implementation.  When scheduling, you sometimes don't want everyone knowing your ice ahead of time as that can make it a pain.  But you do want some people to see it.
This would also require a more sophisticated method to batch process these items.  You should be able to select which teams and what time frame you want to set the tentative items to the new state.  And you'd have to select the current state and the desired state.

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