HTML Access to Season Details
Idea shared by - 9/10/2015 at 10:13 AM
Every year we end up going through and updating link, documents, pages, etc to reflect the change of season.  I suppose leaving out any references to a year or date would be an easy way to avoid this, but because policies and many other things change from year to year it's good to have a date reference to let people know if something applies in the current season and that it isn't a stale piece that someone has just forgotten about.
I'd like to be able to create HTML level links to elements of the site.  For example, being able to extract the name of the season would allow me to use that name in my page content and never have to worry about updating it manually in the various places that I've used "2015-2016".
This could be implemented as a script reference, similar to how you would include a jQuery or Javascript src link.

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