What Control Panel Features Are Needed on Mobile Devices?
Question asked by Shaun Peet - November 23, 2015 at 3:28 PM
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We are looking for input from the community regarding what features that are currently available within the "desktop" (normal) version of the Control Panel which are either vital / useful / would be nice to have on a "mobile" device.  By "mobile" we're talking predominantly about phone-sized screens and smaller tablets.
To start the discussion we'll include a list of things which we think might be possible to do on a mobile device, and hopefully the community can comment on what you think is most important in this list and/or add more things to this list.
Feel free to comment on this topic or create your own new topic.  If you create your own topic, please use the new "Mobile Features" category when creating your thread.
Manage Site Content
- Reporting Scores (currently available for both teams and tournaments)
- News Articles; create / edit / delete
- Events; create / edit / delete
- Sponsors; create / edit / delete
- Accomplishments; create / edit / delete
- Galleries; create / edit / delete / upload photos from device
- Libraries; create / edit / delete / upload photos from device
- Online Forms; edit basic properties like start/end date, limits
- Polls; create / edit / delete / view results
- Subscription Reports; create / edit / delete
- Form Response Reports (very basic functionality)
Scheduling Module
- Day-At-A-Glance; create games / practices / tryouts, edit, delete
- Manage Opponents; create / edit / delete
- Manage Venues; create / edit / delete
- Schedules By Team
Registration Module
- Master Coach List; add / edit / delete
- Master Player List; add / edit / delete
- (Un)Assign players / coaches to rosters
System Administration
- Manage Users; add / edit / delete / (un)assign roles
- ?Manage Email Users / Aliases? (this can be done in webmail already)
Manage Game Officials
- Day-At-A-Glance; view game details, add / edit / remove assignments
- Availability By Date
- Non-Association Games; add / edit / delete groups, add / edit / delete games
- Tournament Games Lists; view game details, add / edit / remove assignments
- Default Settings; add / edit / delete
- Paysheets; view single official or single team
- Manage Officials; add / edit / remove officials, add / edit / delete blocks
Tournament Admin
- Setup Venues; add / edit / delete
- Setup Groups; add / edit / delete
- Setup Divisions; add / edit / delete
- Setup Teams; add / edit / delete
- Setup Settings; add / edit / delete
- Setup Sort Rules; add / edit / delete (this will be tricky)
- Manage Schedules; (un)assign teams to divisions, add / edit / delete games
- Manage Scores; add / edit / remove scores by group, by venue, or all unreported (also in Manage Site Content?)
The above list in no way confirms that any such features will be added to the mobile experience and all plans are subject to change.

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My priorities request would be:
- Manage site content (Create/Edit Articles, events, promoting articles to major, etc)
- System administration (editing users, reset passwords etc)
Most other items I would be using a desktop version anyways...I am more into seeing access to every day timely tasks like the examples posted above as a mobile version.

Brad Wallace Replied
Adding Tournament games should be near top of my list.  Often games depend on round robin play results and it would be nice to add games from a smartphone at the rink.  Editing all game/practice schedules from a phone would be generally handy.
Paul Allan Replied
Manage Game Officials is critical by smart phone.  If I am out and I only have my phone and a coach texts or calls me looking for the timekeeper I want to be able to pull up the schedule on my phone and determine who should be on duty and I can deal with the situation immediately.
Shaun Replied
Game officials portal.....the biggest thing for officials from our Association is that they want to be able to set up blocks for availability as well as confirm games from their phone if they log into the game officials portal without clicking confirm in the emails.  They would also like to be able to find subs from their cell phones.
I agree that away tournament games would be a BIG add-on to the mobile version of the control panel.  Other than that, priorities would be also for System Admin and Manage Site Content (Articles and Events).
Maxim Proulx
Greater Kingston Hockey Association
Shaun Peet Replied
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An early preview of the new mobile Control Panel went live last night.  There is a link to the new version when you login to the current mobile Control Panel.  You can also get to it on a desktop browser by going to http://{your_domain_name}/Mobile/CP2/ - which is a temporary location since "CP2" will eventually just become "CP".
Since it doesn't make sense for us to maintain two versions of the mobile Control Panel, our focus with the initial launch of the new version is to make sure that it has all the features of the old one.  Luckily this is easy because the old one didn't do much - just posting scores for team games or tournament games.  Our plan is to encourage testing of the score posting as much as possible for the next week or so, and then discontinue the old version.
We'll also be adding a link requesting feedback on the new version which comes back to this community thread - hopefully people will let us know what they like and don't like on the new version.
The next thing being added is the ability for teams to manage their tournament game schedules (about 50% completed).  After that, we'll tackle the game officials module and the tournament module.  Then back to Manage Site Content for news items and events.  And of course, all those plans are subject to change :)
I can access the full admin side when I "request desktop version". My issue has been areas that require a "double click". Impossible to do on an Android. Sometimes you get that email that someone needs access to a certain area of the site and you can't change their rights until you get to a computer. Not a big deal, but something that could be thought about.
Shaun Peet Replied
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This morning we've made the new version of the mobile control panel the default.  The old version is still available for a limited time from a link on the home page on the new version.
We've had very limited feedback on the new version to date, although the feedback that we have received has been very positive.  The amount of feedback has doubled since this morning, since the new version was made the default.
Shaun, getting a 404 error when trying to access the admin. Not sure if it's because I'm in Mexico trying to update my sons game score. I know, shouldn't be trying while on holidays.
Shaun Peet Replied
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Are you using a bookmark on your phone or are you using the link at the top of the public site (on your phone)?
Shaun Replied

Everything looks great so far, from what I can access.  I can't wait to see the game officials portion of the control panel.
Link on the top of the site.
And just tried it again this morning and it works now. Thanks
Shaun Peet Replied
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Another update was made live last night, and work continues this week.  Two main things with the latest update:
  • New icons for the modules - in particular the icon for the manage game officials, registration, and system administration modules.
  • In the game officials module, the Manage Assignments page has been polished.  It now has a "site" selector at the top to narrow the context of games as needed.  It also now has the ability to filter by position, the "assignable" vs "all" games options now work, and filtering by game status has been added.  Lastly, the officials assigned to a game now appear, with the same colour-coding as the regular version of the Control Panel.
So our focus right now is on some of the game officials pages, and even though we're just getting started we'd like to get some feedback on the main game assignments page because it's a pretty important one.  Some of the questions we have are:
  • The regular version of the control panel has an ability to filter games by venue - is this needed on the mobile version (or at all)?
  • The mobile "Manage Assignments" page is planned to provide all the same functionality as the Day-At-A-Glance, Games Lists -> Standard / Denied / Unconfirmed / No-Show, and Games by Team pages.  The main challenge is the date range, which we're currently specifying based on the context of the games being shown.  The more narrow the context (ie a single team), the bigger the date range.  So this means that if you're looking for games by status for the entire organization, it's only available as a daily view.  Since this is work being done on a phone, we think that's reasonable but would like feedback on it.
The next thing planned to be worked on is the Game Details page.  There's some notes on the live version right now regarding what's planned for that page.  One thing we think would be useful is a contact "card" for officials when they are assigned to a game - again, assuming this is happening on a phone, the phone numbers for the contact would be clickable in order to initiate a call.
One last thing - we haven't announced it anywhere before now, but we've found a new javascript library which may have finally fixed the problem with double-taps on a tablet (or other touch screen).  This means that the entire regular version of the Control Panel *might* work properly on a tablet.  We haven't tested extensively which is why it's not been announced, but so far we've tested on an iPad mini and it looks like everything is working.  Double-tap to double-click, and swipe-left to delete.  I mention this here because many people following this thread are assignors and have asked for better features on a tablet - so please try it out and let us know.
Jeff Kozak Replied
Under Tournament Admin, I would suggest that "Manage Schedules; (un)assign teams to divisions, add / edit / delete games" be a priority addition to the Mobile Control Panel.
While a tournament is underway, scores can be posted using the Mobile Control Panel, but you cannot advance teams. If that were added, the core needs of a tournament could be fully managed on a mobile device alone.
Keep up the great work.  Looks good so far.  You folks should have an emailing list to send information out when you do new and helpful stuff like this.  I happened to be on the site looking for something else and found this information about the mobile device access.  I would have liked to have been notified somehow when it went live.
First of all, I applaud the new control panel!  Time is of the essence and when I'm at the rink, or work or even out with my family, I always have a mobile device. Scheduling officials isn't a 9-5 job at a desktop. As I write this I am preparing to go out of town to skate myself. Gone are the days of lugging around a laptop.
Since having qualified officials at every game is paramount, that is where our focus on mobile control panel functionality must exist. We need to see who is skating where, open up the games, see who is qualified and available, contact officials, remove officials, add officials. Everything else is just nice to have. IMHO
Jacinta Faries Replied
I am a scheduler, so I am probably biased...but it would be wonderful to be able update, change, cancel or create games and practices. This is especially true in bad weather situations if I am not near a computer. It would also help me respond to last minute change requests. A view of each team's schedule would be great too.
J. Faries
Josh Ellis Replied
All sounds great. It's August now, 2016, and as assignor I've been trying to access the control panel to manage game officials. Says 'site is under construction'. Any idea as to when this may be up and running? We've had some games scheduled for September and most of my officials are smart-phone only users. I'm hoping they will be able to see their calendar at a glance for upcoming games. Who they are working with, and the ability to open their availability /block out days. We've used horizon web ref for the past three seasons, and the mobile site was quite user friendly. My senior officials are nervous they'll have difficulty navigating /learning a new platform before season starts. It's great you have this feedback platform. Looking forward to the transition. ~Josh 
Shaun Peet Replied
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Hi Josh - this thread is more about the mobile control panel, however, the game officials section on mobile was updated on July 3. The summer sports officials have been using it and the feedback has been very good.

Here's the video that we provide to the officials when the login on a desktop version: https://youtu.be/forDlfMnh-A. There's also a thread for feedback on the mobile game officials portal here: http://support.mbsportsweb.ca/community/a120/new-mobile-officials-portal-discussion-initial-release-july-2016.aspx.

As far as the ability for an assignor to add / edit the actual assignments, this is coming this year (probably in the October / November time frame). One of the biggest requests from assignors was the ability to at least view the existing assignments and get quick access to contact information, and that's the part that went live last December.
It would be great if we can schedule a practice if there is a cancellation. I have been at the arena without a computer and have had to have the coach text the entire team! 
Basically anything we can do add, delete and such would be an asset!
Thank you!
Cathy Teel Replied
I would like to be able to create/edit/view news, schedule/calendar and polls.
The parents have already been asking for these options and I just set it up today. Will this be possible soon?
It's a greT feature on desktop!!!
Andrew Davidson Replied
All of the above features you listed should be available via mobile panel.
Just tried adding games to the schedule for a tournament for the first time with the mobile version. (Usually use a computer) Was pretty difficult. The venue and opposing team area kept on auto selecting teams and was hard to change the team from the initial team or venue it selected for me. Not sure if this was an error on my part or not. It either needs to be a drop down to select, or nothing should auto populate.
I am no longer able to view assigned officials on iPhone. Was able to previously, but now it shows no officials assigned. This is very inconvenient. In addition, when will assigning officials through the mobile portal be available? The "under construction" banner has been up on the mobile portal for over a year.
Vanessa Ellul Replied
Hello - It would be great to be able to add/update articles from a mobile device.

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