Are you able to use the Control Panel on your Tablet?
Question asked by Shaun Peet - December 22, 2015 at 3:41 PM
Employee Post
In December of 2015 we made a tweak to the Control Panel which should allow touch-only devices such as tablets to properly interact using double-taps to trigger a double-click.  In addition, in order to delete items (which allow for deleting) we've implemented a swipe-left gesture.
Due to the number of devices out there, it's almost impossible for us to test this on every possible tablet / browser.  We've tested on an iPad and iPad mini with good results so far.
We are asking that the community try to use the Control Panel on their tablet, and you encounter any issues please report them here.  Be sure to include the type of device including manufacturer and operating system - the more specific the better.  Also be sure to include what browser you're using on that device, what type of network connection, etc.

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