Creating & Managing Mailing Lists

Mailing lists can be created by using the SmarterTrack email system, external to your MBSportsWeb site.  In order to use this feature you must have at least 1 email user which has the Domain Administrator box checked.
To start, login to the webmail system by clicking the "Webmail" link in the footer of your site.  Login with your full email account and password. 
Once in the system, please locate the "more" (9 squares) icon along the top row, then follow the menu until you find "Domain Settings" of the page as shown:


Once in the Domains Setting Page there will be a Mailing List option in the left hand menu.  *Note:  if you do not see this option please click the box with the 3 lines in the top left corner so your menu appears.


To create the mailing list:  click the blue box at the top where it says "New".  Your List Address will become your mailing list.  By example below, "Test" is the address =  Your moderator address is one you'll need to choose.  We've chosen Admin by default, but your admin of the list can be any email account within your association (that has admin rights).

Suggested mailing list settings:  *note:  if updating settings within Chrome, please delete any password and website URL that auto-fills within this browser.
Save your settings by using the blue box in the top left corner.
To be in compliance with CASL, you'll want to make sure that you define a footer on your mailing list.  Please follow the "Messages" box along the top row, double click on "Posted message footer" and continue to enter your footer message as suggested below (or as needed).
Once your settings have been completed, footer inserted, you're ready to add your subscribers!  In order to prepare to import a list of subscribers you'll need them to be inserted into an Excel sheet in 1 column, with a header listed as "EmailAddress" (proper case & no space is important) as shown below:
*This file must be saved as a CSV file.
**If there are duplicate email addresses in your sheet the system will detect this and only use the address 1 time
***File must contain 1 tab named "Sheet1", if renamed it will return an error.
When your file is prepared, head into the blue box at the top for "Subscribers" and follow the "..." for more options on importing or exporting.  You'll want to select the "Import CSV File" and choose your document as needed.
Once imported, your full list of subscribers will be shown.  If you need to add/delete/edit your subscriber(s) you can manually do so by double-clicking on your subscriber, or by using the checkbox and options along the top.
Once finished you can return to your mail.  Start a new message to your new list by simply typing in the mailing list name, followed by the remainder of your domain name such as "".  By setting up a mailing list only the administrator of the list can send, making sure that your member addresses are secure.  No other email address (unless listed as a white-listed poster) can send to your members.


Hi - I'm having a bit of trouble with actually sending an email using my newly created mailing list. I followed the instructions above (I missed the footer part so I went back and completed that step) and tried to send out an email. It looks like it sent (i.e. there's a copy in the sent folder) but the subscribers didn't receive it. Any thoughts on what I might need to do? Thanks in advance.
Vanessa Ellul (7/9/2017 at 5:43 PM)
I'm having the same problem. Did you ever get yours fixed?
Cheryl Olsen (5/17/2018 at 1:09 PM)