Customizing The Login Page

The website features a prominent "Login" link at the top of the page so that site administrators and team webmasters can quickly and easily sign into the website to make changes as needed.  However, there may be cases where the general membership needs to login to an external online registration system and therefore might get confused about what the login page on the website is for.
It is now possible to add a "blurb" to the top of your website's login page which you can use to explain who / why people would login to the website, and optionally provide links to other pages or other websites as needed.  For example, if you are a minor hockey association your blurb could be something like this:
"PARENTS: If you're looking for the login page to the Hockey Canada Registration system (HCR), please visit our registration page (provide link) for that link and other important information.  The login box below is available for team managers to use to do things like post scores or submit news articles."
The ability to customize the login page is located within the System Administration module and therefore requires Global Administrator access.
1) Control Panel -> System Administration -> Setup & Settings -> General Settings
2) Use the "Login Page Text" box to add whatever information needed, including links to documents and/or other pages and/or other websites as needed.
3) Click Update in the top-right to save your changes.
Note: Each of the settings available on that page have a description for what they do - we strongly encourage site administrators to view and set all of the available options to suit their association.
To test your changes you'll need to visit the login page, which means you'll either need to view the login page in another browser or logout of your current browser.
Other Notes
Please also keep in mind that if your association has the game officials module enabled that those officials will use the same login page in order to view / manage their calendars and assignments.  In addition, if your association hosts online auction(s) then the people who are placing bids for your items will use that same login page in order to place their bids.  So please be sure that your login page customization takes all potential legitimate uses of the login page into account.