Introduction to Banners

In March of 2017 a new feature was added to the site which allows global site-level webmasters to create "banners" which appear on designated home pages above the latest news.  These banners could be used for a variety of things, including giving a more prominent placement to sponsors, but basically provide an easy way to create a large button in a prime viewing area with a link to more information about something.  These banners also are designed to work on both the desktop and mobile versions of the website.
Here is a quick video that showcases just how to use the banners feature:


thanks, have been using own div and css for banners. This will help speed up the process. One suggestion, on the image banner dialogue box (and other image areas for that matter) a small note on max image size as you spoke to in the video.
SN (3/9/2017 at 4:05 PM)
That's a good suggestion. We'll add that for now, although this being a new feature we're not sure what it will evolve into. Right now limiting the height is important if the banners start rotating. However, rotating might be a bad idea anyway, and if that's the case then in theory there wouldn't be a height limitation. But even then, it would be good to have images which are a certain "standard" size.
Shaun Peet (3/13/2017 at 2:11 PM)