Baseball Ontario Central Registration

Baseball Associations in Ontario have been mandated to comply with certain registration requirements from Baseball Ontario in order to utilize Central Registration and ensure that all players have provided the appropriate waivers to participate.

To make it easier for associations using MBSportsWeb to comply with these requirements, we have worked alongside Baseball Ontario to create templates which can be used as a starting point for your association's online registration.  These templates create questions that will produce exportable data which should then be able to import into Baseball Ontario Central Registration fairly easily.

We have created two versions of the templates - one for the complete registration of a player including the necessary waivers; and one with just the waivers.  In most cases you'll want to use the complete registration version - the waivers one would only be helpful if you've already done registration in another way and are looking for the easiest way to get your waivers completed.

For all this to work, you should be familiar with the online forms functionality of the MBSportsWeb platform.  If you've never used these online forms before, please review the following Knowledge Base article:

The method used to copy the templates for Baseball Ontario is the "Use Script" method.  That specific feature is covered in the "Part 2: Creating Forms" video in the above knowledge base article, specifically starting at the 14:51 part of the video.

Once you've created your form within your own site, make sure you don't have any questions created so that you can create your scripts from the forms below:


WAIVERS ONLY REGISTRATION FORM:  (link to the form page)

Again, in most cases you'll only need to use ONE of the above templates within your own site.  Also note that when copying acknowledgement questions (ie the waivers) you'll need to copy / paste the content from the template into each of the acknowledgement boxes within your own site.  For most of the waivers, this content needs to be adjusted for your own individual association anyway.

In particular with the FULL REGISTRATION form, the questions have been created so that they exactly match the columns needed to import into Baseball Ontario Central Registration, so we strongly suggest that you don't edit any of the questions that are created using the script.  However, you can definitely add your own questions if you need to collect information not already contained within that form.

If you wish to collect online payments that's fine - when setting up your form choose the appropriate payment provider and then add one or more questions to your form that relate to the amount of payment required.  Collecting payments from the online forms is covered in the "Part 5: Other / Advanced Features" video in our main online forms knowledge base article.

In the future we may also add another video specific to this process, but for now if you have any questions or get stuck, please don't hesitate to contact us.