How To: Setup a New Site

New Site Setup Checklist

Every site that we create uses its own database for storing information, which means that whenever a new site is created it comes with an empty database. Therefore, there will be some setup required in order to get the new site going. Some of these steps will only need to be done once, while others will need to be repeated at the start of each season. It is recommended that these steps be followed in order when possible.


All of the updates for the website are done through a special administrator-only portion of the site called the Control Panel. Only the people who have been designated by the organization to have access to the Control Panel will be permitted to enter the Control Panel.  A quick overview of the Control Panel can be found within this video.

Creating a Season & Adding Teams

The first step for the new site will be to add the first season, add all the teams for that season, and designate that season as the "current season". A video has been created that demonstrates how to do this here, This video will also review how to flip the previous season to the upcoming season.

Adding Team Groups (optional)

If your organization has more than 10 teams per season it is recommended that the teams be placed into groups for listing in the Team Sites area on the organization home page. The demonstration video is located here.  Team Groups do not need to be setup each season, however, teams will need to be added to the team groups at the start of each season.

Creating the Organization Menu

When a new site is created there will be a default menu including Home, About Us, Games Centre, Registration, Classfieds & Links. The structure and the content of the pages listed on the organization menu is completely managed by the organization's webmaster(s) and can be changed at any time. 
To edit menu items please visit the Control Panel:  Manage Site Content -> Site Pages (Menu).  To add a menu item click "Add Page".  Select a proper page type from the drop-down & give your new menu item a name.  If the visible dates are left blank the item will remain on your site indefinitely.  The item can be clicked and dragged within the left hand column in order to place it within the proper space within the menu.  When inputting a form or document please highlight the proper item on the right hand side before saving.

Setup Executive & Staff

One of the page types created when setting up the organization menu can be the "Executive & Staff" or the "Contact Us" page. These pages take the list of organization executive and staff that are stored in the databse and display them on the site. To setup the executive and staff, watch the demonstration video here.

Create Organization Libraries

A useful feature for your organization will be the ability to link special forms & applications, meeting minutes, or other documents in a single place that is convenient for the site's visitors. The knowledge base article is located here and the demonstration video is located here.

Write a News Article

Now that the new site is starting to take shape, we recommend that you post a news article for the organization's home page that lets people know about the new site and all of the features it brings. Check out the knowledge base article here or watch the video here. If you'd like, you can use some or all of an article that we've prepared for this purpose here (coming soon).

Create an Organization Event

The main purpose for events within the website are to let people know about things that are going to happen which may include the participation of a majority of those within the organization.  For example, events should include registration dates, hosted tournaments, fundraisers, etc.  The video which demonstrates how to create an organization event is here, and a knowledge base article that explains the steps is located here.

Create a Poll

Polls allow for an organization to get anonymous feedback from its visitors.  With your new site up and running, you may wish to gather feedback about the new site, such as whether or not people like it, if there are any features / information missing, etc.  For more information about setting up an organization poll, please review this knowledge base article, or watch this video

Setup Your "Power Users"

The Control Panel controls access to the various modules through a combination of users and roles.  A user is someone who has been given a username and password for the purposes of logging in to the website.  This alone, however, does not guarantee access to the Control Panel or any of its modules.  Each user, if they are going to have access to the Control Panel, must also be assigned to one or several roles.  These roles are grouped into two main categories - Power Users and Team Webmasters.  The Power Users roles are those that grant access to areas of the Control Panel which affect the organization as a whole, and include Administrator, Webmaster, Registrar, Scheduler, and Assignor.  Each user also has their own profile, and within that profile can be stored various information that is tied to their roles, such as expiry dates for their role.  For information on how to setup and manage your users, please review the knowledge base article located here

Start Scheduling

The single most important component of your new site will be the schedule for your teams.  Your new website was built with scheduling as its core feature, so it is very important to maintain an accurate schedule with the site at all times.  We recommend that your organization's scheduler(s) be setup with their own accounts by using the Manage Users page as described above.  Once your schedulers have been setup, please visit the Scheduling Module Overview article to get started.

Begin Player Registration

While the scheduler(s) are responsible for maintaining an accurate schedule with the website, you can designate other people to maintain the lists of team rosters.  These people are known as Registrar(s) for the purpose of the website.  It is important to keep in mind that your website is an information-only site and should not be considered a replacement for your actual registration purposes.  Part of the reason it cannot replace your actual registration is because it does not store any contact information for your players.  However, it is still very beneficial to maintain your registration online for completeness of your website.  To get started with the Registration module, first setup your Registrar(s), and then visit the Registration Module Overview article

Setup Your Team Webmasters

As mentioned above, there are Power Users which are responsible for areas of the Control Panel which affect the organization as a whole.  In addition to Power Users, there are also Team Webmasters who are responsible for content specific to the team(s) that they are assigned to.  The bulk of the day-to-day maintenance of the website is actually done by the Team Webmasters, and typically there is at least one user setup for each team.  However, one team can have several users assigned to it, and in addition, one user can have several teams assigned to them.  For information on how to setup and manage your users, please review the knowledge base article located here.


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