Administrator Roles Expiration Reminder Email

If you are currently setup in your website with the Administrator role, it's important to ensure that the expiration date attached to that role is after the current date.  If it isn't then you will no longer be able to access to the System Administration module of the website, and unless there are other Administrators of your site you won't be able to manage seasons, manage email, and most importantly manage users.

It is really important that at least one user in your website is setup with the Administrator role, and that role expires after the current date.  Without this, you may need to contact MBSportsWeb support in order to re-gain access which could result in a dedicated support charge for your association.

To prevent this, each day the site will examine each of your Administrators in the site and look for any which are expiring within the next 14 days, and send a reminder email stating:  If you need to continue your access, please login right away and extend your own role.

As an Administrator, you should periodically check all the users who have been granted access to the Control Panel of the site to see if anybody has been locked out, or if their other roles have expired.  The site will only notify you if you are an Administrator and your role is about to expire - or - if you are one of the Administrators and a Global Scheduler's role is about to expire.  For all others, the site does not send a reminder email. 

To extend any role as needed the process is similar, however we are providing the instructions below on specifically how to update your Administrator role.

First, you will need to login to your website and visit Control Panel -> System Adminstration -> Manage Users -> Administrators.  Look for your account in the list and double-click (anywhere but your real name - that opens the User Activity form) to open the Website User / Administrator form:

1) In the Role Name drop-down, select Administrator.
2) Ensure Assigned For is set to Global.  
3) Use the calendar picker to select the desired expiration date
4) Click Add / Update Role.
5) Click Update in the bottom.