Help! My email has been hacked!?

Minor sports associations across Canada have been the target of recent phishing scams.  

If you've received an email from your association President who is asking if "you have a few minutes to do a favor" and "I need you to purchase Google play gift cards" or something similar you're a target of this scam.  Using a method called spoofing (see below for a great definition from Forcepoint) your President's name can easily be used to override a temporary email address.  NO, your account HAS NOT been hacked.

I've been targeted, what do I do now?
If your association is using the Smartermail system through MBSportsWeb, please let us know.  We do have the ability to blacklist email addresses which flow into our users accounts.  After reporting (we need the header detail, please), delete the email, do not engage, and do not click on any links within.

If your association is not using mail via MBSportsWeb unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it.  However, you can educate your members to let them know to look for red flags.  Improper spelling of the English language is a good sign (we're in Canada, we don't do "favors", but we do many "favours"!), or requests for unusual payment options like the use of Google play cards is a dead giveaway.  If you are an association that does banking via e-transfer always know who you are paying, ask for that copy of an invoice, make the call for verification.