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Question asked by - 4/5/2016 at 8:11 AM
Can Team Webmasters create online forms for their team page?  If not, can this option be added, please?

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Shaun Peet Replied
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A couple weeks ago we did implement online forms at the team level for team webmasters.  Previously, team-level online forms could be created but only by a site-level webmaster or higher.  We've been testing this since and things are going well enough that we can announce it.
So there are some rules with this though.  Basically a team webmaster can create a team-level online form and then view the results of that form.  However, if there is a team-level online form that was created by somebody else, then they won't be able to view the responses for that form.  The theory is that most team-level online forms are used for evaluation purposes and therefore the team webmaster shouldn't be able to view those responses if they weren't the one to create the form.
Since teams can create their own online forms now this also unlocks the potential that a team manager would be able to create an online form to handle online payments.  This is potentially a very useful thing but it isn't without some risk since it generally only takes one person to create a PayPal account on behalf of the team and start collecting money.  There is a "paper trail" for the online payments but that trail isn't easily accessible by multiple people.  Usually the parents or members of the team have a pretty good grasp on who the team's treasurer is and where & when money is being collected.

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