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Idea shared by Shaun Peet - 4/11/2016 at 9:17 AM
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As associations continue to find new and/or creative ways to raise funds, we also try to find was to improve the website's ability to support those fundraising initiatives.
Something that's been becoming more common lately is the idea of "cash calendars" which is basically a lottery held with draw dates on each (or specific) days within the sports season.  This is not to be confused with the selling of physical / traditional calendars.  However, even though there are many associations doing these types of lotteries, they tend to introduce an enormous amount of administrative overhead which we think the website can help to alleviate.
The original design for this feature would be to help make a cash calendar-style lottery more efficient, however, with feedback from the community we could develop something more generic to handle any sort of raffle-style promotion.
We understand the basic process for cash calendars to be:
  1. Obtaining a lottery license
  2. Printing two-part tickets (one part the purchaser keeps, the other goes into the draw)
  3. Distributing the tickets for sale, keeping track of who has which tickets
  4. Collecting sold tickets and reconciling against the ones still outstanding
  5. Performing the draw(s) on the date(s) specified on the ticket and/or license
  6. Notifying the winners
  7. Paying the winners
Some of those things we cannot help with, such as obtaining the license.  But in general we think we can build a common system to log all the tickets, and for each ticket keep track of who bought it and sold it.  For the buyer, this would include their contact information (email address) to make it possible to auto-notify if they win.  The system could also be programmed to do the actual draw(s) on the specific date(s) as needed using standard random number generation to pick the tickets.  It would also be easy to list the winners on the website alongside other important information about the promotion such as the lottery license number.
For the initial roll-out we don't envision a process where the tickets could actually be purchased online, however, that would be up for consideration in the future.  We would need to do some research on the legality of doing so.  We also don't envision that either the buyer or seller would be able to enter the buyer's information online due to security reasons.  It would have to be entered by an administrator - and while that would be a lot of work we think the end-result of doing the auto-draws and auto-notifications would more than offset that effort.
So we're asking for the community feedback on this potential feature.  Does your association currently do a "cash calendar" draw or something similar like a raffle?  If so, what are you administrative challenges and could the website help?  Please submit your feedback by replying to this thread.

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Hi Shaun. Our association does offer cash calendars each year to members and it is a good fundraiser for the association, and popular. We have three community arenas that our association plays out of, and have a white board at each that is updated with calendar winners. One challenge is keeping this updated in a timely manner at three locations. We did offer this information as a calendar item on our previous website, and entered the winner name, ticket number and prize amount for each day, which hopefully was checked frequently. We also posted frequent updates via our Facebook page also to get the information out there. Prize money is mailed the winners. If MBSportsweb could set something up in regards to this it would be fantastic and I think it's a great idea.

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