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Question asked by - 8/14/2018 at 11:06 PM
Just started using Official Portal and i see 2 referee system which i assume is 2 man system for say novice atom divisions. I see 3 man linesman which is self explanatory as well as 3 man referee.
We are now using a 4 man offiial system with 2 referees and 2 linesman in our midget level hockey . 
How do i go about assinging 2 referrees to a game?
Will the 3 man referee system allow me to assign 2 referees and 2 linesman to it or will it popuate a conflict?
Do i use 3 man referee system and somehow over ride system to allow for the extra official?
Please explain



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Shaun Peet Replied
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To assign a four-man system in hockey you'll simply change the number of officials assigned to each game:
(2) 3-main linesmen
(2) 3-man referee

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