Online Forms - Need Question types and forms capable to do math
Idea shared by - 11/4/2014 at 11:34 PM
I am trying to create online forms for our hockey association to replace the existing excel and word documents as it is a lot of manual entry.
Unfortunately a lot of our forms require items with a cost associated with them.  
It would be great if the online forms can be created to have selection boxes with a price associated with an item and quantity.  Also having a HST and total box beneath this.
My e.g. is an apparel order form where we would need to not only take the orders but supply the user of the forms a running total of their order.  Other forms that this could work for are fundraising submission etc...
We do not use paypal for payment but even when I tried to create a form with the paypal option it was missing the quantity, tax and total.

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