MB SportsWeb and IVRNet Interface
Problem reported by - 11/13/2014 at 9:55 PM
This is the answer from our league convenor:

"The games have to been scored on the computer (OUR BGHA WEBPAGE)

 On the left click on Manage Page Content

 Then click Schedule and Results

 Click on the game you want to score and then add the score."


This is a waste of my time - respectfully, we all volunteer our time to do this in the first place so get it right; you need an interface with IVR.Net (e.g. all OWHA, LLFHL sanctioned games) and MBSportsWeb. Duplication of efforts is redundant not to mention inefficient. Get this done, this is not a very difficult thing to do in my respectful view: you talk to IVR.Net, they talk to you, work out what needs to be connected, talk to each other about that piece, manage the logistics, GET IT DONE.

I do not  need to enter this stuff twice, let alone 3 times because you guys can't sync with a league web site - it's stupid This is 2014. I am in this type of industry and know this can be done, and deal with this on daily basis with far more complex interfaces and connections than this. Thoughts? Suggestions?





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