Team Notes To Show in ALL Views
Idea shared by - 2/16/2015 at 3:29 PM
Under Consideration
I use the team notes to store info like coaches not being available due to vacation or duration of school exams and the like.  External things that influence when certain teams would want things scheduled.
I would like these notes to show up in all views, not just on the team view.  That would help with planning when looking across the organization ice time.

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Shaun Peet Replied
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Hi James,
We currently are using the same behaviour for team notes as is used for team events.  Events also only show when looking at a single team because of the potential for there being so many of them.
Team notes are also a little special because they can exist with no dates applied at all, which makes them difficult to show on a calendar.  We don't have any metrics to measure how many people use notes without dates however.
What might be possible someday is to add a couple configuration options to allow the scheduler to either show or not show (default) either team notes or team events (or both) in the non-team views.  It would be extraordinarily difficult to have them show in the day-at-a-glance or week-at-a-glance views so really we're just talking about calendar views (and not list mode either).
We'll mark this as under consideration for now and see if it gets many more votes.  Thanks,

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