Is it possible to manage form data from the web?
Question asked by - 3/25/2015 at 12:17 PM
We currently have a form where parents can sign-up for volunteer positions.  Currently, we receive each form submission as an email and periodically export this information into a spreadsheet.  I've received a request from the person managing these volunteer requests if it is possible to access this data via the web and potentially manage these records as well.
A simple example would be to have an additional column/field that would allow the person managing this information the ability to enter some text so they can track which submissions have been address.

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Hi Jeremy,
You'd have to consider access permissions, but you could use a hidden field for this.  We had a form in which we used two hidden fields to keep track of people who had attended the event as well as those who had/hadn't paid.  The fields can't be accessed directly from the web, so you'd have to go into the Control Panel and edit the form response to update the field.

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