Game Officials Portal - More Email Lists
Idea shared by - 8/21/2015 at 7:15 PM
Currently in the game officials portal there are Email Lists created for All Officials, All 2-Man Referee, All 3-Man Referee, All 3-Man Linesman and All Timekeeper.
Sometimes as the assignor and a supervisor I have emails that don't need to go to the entire Association.  I'm wondering if we can have email lists created for the following filters as well:
All Level 1
All Level 2 Registered
All Level 2 Certified
All Level 3 Registered
All Level 3 Certified
All Level 4 Registered
All Level 4 Certified
All Level 5 Registered
All Level 5 Certified
All Level 6 Registered
All Level 6 Certified
This will cover off each level of officiating.  It is sometimes easier to group the Junior Officials together or the Senior Officials together to get things on the go.  The only other option I have as an assignor right now is to open a spreadsheet with all of the officials and cut and paste the email addresses one by one into the single email address field.
Hopefully this is something that can be worked on and implemented quickly as the season is coming.


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