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Would it be possible to add a function to assign a supervisor to a game, somewhat like the way timekeepers can be assigned?  We are currently "assigning" supervisors to games in order to facilitate upgrading of officials.  It would be nice to be able to assign the supervisor to the game so that they are able to retrieve all of the pertinent game details and have the reminder emails sent as well.  If this is possible, is it possible to assign them "silently" so that the officials don't necessarily know they are being supervised?

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Shaun Peet Replied
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There is an ability to setup people in the supervisor role which then gives them access to the supervisor game list report.  I know that's not explicitly assigning the supervisors to specific games, however, it does give them the ability to quickly filter assignments by position and/or qualification so that they can focus on those needing the supervisions.
We'll continue to monitor this thread to see if it gains momentum (more votes).  In theory it would be possible to achieve but somewhat difficult.

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