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Idea shared by - 9/8/2015 at 6:13 PM
I already have a support ticket in about this but thought I would post here.  If there is enough interest from other clients, perhaps it could become a greater priority.
In short, our league invoices each team for their officiating costs.  For example, the Novice pays what they incur and the Midgets pay what they incur.  Amounts vary based on travel, number of officials, number of games, etc so it is not consistent.
It would be be very handy to be able to generate a Team / League Invoice (similar to the the Referee Pay sheets but by team / league) that listed all their games between certain period and the amount the team incurred.  This of course would balance with the Officials Pay sheets since the data all comes from the system.
As the data is already there, this would just be another report and would be very handy not just for our association (I hope).  Currently, I have to do this calculation manually which is very time consuming and redundant since the data already exists.
Hoping for support from the community.

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Shaun Peet Replied
Employee Post
This feature has been implemented as of a couple weeks ago.
User Replied
This report is great! Thanks so much for its development, a huge help with the Administration of Team Invoicing.

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