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Is there a way to print the calendar view for a venue?

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Shaun Peet Replied
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On the public-facing site, pretty much anywhere a venue is displayed (upcoming games, next five days, schedule & results, or int he calendar) - the venue itself is a link to the venue calendar page, which shows a month at a time.  When printed, only the calendar would be visible on the printed page.
Most home venues will have a lot of activity in any given month so things may not fit onto a single page - so if available we'd recommend using Ledger (11 x 17) paper and printing in Landscape orientation.
There is also a non-calendar (list) report of venue activity available by going to (your domain name)/Reports/VenueStaff.  Depending on how many venues are selected on that report, and how many days, that particular view does tend to fit better on a regular Letter (8.5 X 11) sized page.
Hope that helps,
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Where do we find the link for the page that would be ideal to display on a monitor in the arena?
Shaun Peet Replied
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(domain name)/utils/kiosk/

That page assumes that whatever venue is being displayed has an ID of 1. If that's not what you want then you can add ?VenueID=## to specify a different one, and can even add multiple venue IDs separated by commas. Eg:

(domain name)/utils/kiosk/?VenueID=5,6

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