How do you change the recipients for the "Notice of Missing Scores" emails
Question asked by - 11/19/2015 at 8:59 AM
Hi there, 
Quick question. I can't seem to find where to set who receives the "Notice of Missing Scores" emails that get sent out by the system when someone hasn't posted their game results. 
Any help would be appreciated.

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Shaun Peet Replied
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The "Notice of Missing Scores" emails are triggered under the following conditions:
1) The game is more than 2 days old
2) The game doesn't have a score
3) The game is linked to TheOneDB
If all those conditions are met, then as part of our daily routines we do the following:
1) For each team with one or more of offending games, lookup to see if there are any "team webmasters" setup for that team.
2) If there are team webmasters, then email those people.
3) If no team webmasters are found for that team, then email anyone setup as a global "Administrator" because those people are responsible for setting up the team webmasters and thus delegating the task of score reporting.
So the only way to remove somebody from the recipient list is to 1) remove them as a team webmaster, or 2) remove them as a global administrator; depending on which of the above cases is happening.  Another way to get the administrator off the email list is to ensure there is a team webmaster setup for each team.
Hope that helps,
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Awesome - thanks for the info

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