Added Filters
Idea shared by - 1/17/2016 at 6:39 PM
I'm looking to propose the following ideas as far as filters are concerned to assist with game assignments for officials.  Perhaps something that can be turned on and off based on association needs.
The first filter I would propose is as it relates to the Find Sub feature.  I would propose that officials are only able to find subs that are equal in Officiating Level or Experience to the official seeking the replacement.  That way when the click on Find Sub, if an official is qualified to skate a Midget AAA game and needs a game replacement, only officials with the Level and Experience set for Midget AAA (Basic, Below Average, Average, Above Average, Expert) would show up in the Find Sub and only those officials would be contacted.
The second filter I would propose, and this one would be key for OMHA (But could still be overruled by the assignor) and would tie into the Find Sub feature would be to have a filter where the mandatory rest between games must be respected before an official can be scheduled.  For example, in OMHA, an official can skate a maximum of three games in a row then must adhere to a three hour rest period before another game can be skated, and then a maximum of six games can be assigned per day.  This ties into the find sub where officials who haven't had the required three hours rest after three games would not show up in the Find Sub feature.
Hopefully these are rather simple things that could be implemented.  It would be especially helpful if this could be done for playoffs this year, but for next season would be nice as well.

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