Site Design & Layout

Each MBSportsWeb site is customized to best reflect an Association's brand.  When setting up a new site, MBSportsWeb makes an effort to match colours with logos for a unique design.
If you are interested in changing your site, you have the ability to update menu colours, spacing, etc. on your own.  This can be achieved within:  System Administration -> Site Design & Layout -> Layout Settings.  Additional settings can be found within:  System Administration -> Site Design & Layout -> Content Settings.
When you hover over the items on these pages, any section that highlights in orange can be updated independently of other sections.  If you decide to update your own settings, the Reset to Default can always be used to revert back to the original "skin" setup by MBSportsWeb.
If you are interested in custom graphics features, such as a custom name header, header banner with custom images, or full background image updates please email for details.  We'd be happy to work with you to achieve your vision for your Association.  If you have player images, landmark, or landscape images to add, please forward these along with your request.  Note:  all images submitted must attain usage permissions prior to us placing them on your site.
If you are interested in custom design features such as custom menus or changes to the way the site content appears, this may be something that will need to be done with custom code and additional charges will be incurred.  For a quote, please email