Managing Sponsors


The list of Organization Sponsors is a way for your organization to provide high-value advertising spaces to companies or individuals who wish to place their ads on your website. Each sponsor can optionally have their company logo and / or website automatically linked with their advertising space. If the sponsor's website is given, your website will automatically track the date & time that the sponsor's link was clicked, as well as noting the page that was displayed and the IP address of the person who clicked it.




Control Panel -> Manage Site Content -> Basic Features -> Organization (or Team) Sponsors


The Sponsor Form
















If a sponsor logo is not inserted, the Sponsor Name text will be used as a default.  To insert a logo please click the "Logo" link to be taken to an import screen.

Website Url must not contain the "http" portion of the web address.

"About The Sponsor" is optional.  


After posting your sponsor, please note the grey bar located above that sponsor line.  Sponsors, News Articles & Events default to "Normal".  However, when the status is Toggled (right side) to "Major" this item will appear on every team page as well as the organization page.

If a sponsor, news article or event is entered within a team page, then toggled to "Major" it will appear on that team's page as well as the Organization home page, however will NOT appear on any other team page.


Is there a way to prioritize the list of sponsors on a team page (not organization)? Want to list our 'Gold' sponsors at the top, then 'Silver', etc
Todd Brophy (8/25/2015 at 7:32 PM)
No feedback to this??
Deb Larsen (6/24/2016 at 10:13 AM)
Is there a way to cycle through the sponsors in a banner within the main window, so that they show on mobile device loads?
Tony Aleluia (3/18/2019 at 9:54 AM)