App Setup for Global Admins

                             These documents may change from time to time, please check back regularly (Oct 2, 2020)

Navigate to System Admin → Setup & Settings → Sportsheadz → App Settings

Turn to YES and make sure you hit UPDATE in the top right corner. Leave the dropdown as is. It is for future use. 

You can now either appoint your Team Webmasters to set up rosters for their teams or a Global Admin can turn this on for ALL teams. If you are appointing a Webmaster to do this, please ensure their permissions are up to date. System Admin → Manage Users → Team Webmasters. For existing profiles, ensure that the permissions are up to date and assigned to the correct teams. To Add New click in the top right. 

If you are passing this over to the Webmaster to set up, you can close this document and have them read the Webmaster Setup Document. If you are setting up on a global basis please continue. 

As a Global Administrator setting up the App Services / Health Check for each team on their behalf, it will create you as the Owner of that team. You will need to remove yourself once you have the Coaches/Mangers set up. To turn on each team globally, navigate to System Admin --> Reports --> App Synchronization --> Synchronized Teams. Select your Season from the dropdown. Click on the Link to Allow Sportsheadz Synchronization. You can either login with your Sportsheadz account or you will need to register for one if you have yet to do so. 

You will re-directed back to the Synchronized Teams page. You can now use the dropdown in the top right corner to select the team you wish to activate this for and hit Launch Team. The team will turn to green in the list. Any teams that remain red are not activated.

As a Global Admin, you have the option to bulk import Players (and optionally their Guardian(s) into the team rosters. Or you can navigate to each team individually and complete this by going to Manage Site Content --> Choose Team from Dropdown --> Sportsheadz Services)

Navigate to System Admin --> Importing --> Mobile App Players & Guardians

Once here, you will see this screen. Helpful tips are posted on the page so please read carefully. 

The Validation Checkbox is for testing purposes. Leave it checked to test the data and uncheck when you are ready for the data to save to the website. 

Choose your Season. Upload your CSV and hit IMPORT. The exact file format is listed. Click here (Multi Team Template.xls) to obtain a blank copy of the template. 

You will now want to add in your Coaches/Mangers for each team and remove/transfer yourself off the roster. Navigate to Manage Site Content and select the Team from the dropdown. Go to Sportsheadz Services.