Domain Name Transfer Information

We use GoDaddy as our domain name registrar.

We strongly recommend that all domain names for your association are transferred to our registrar, for the following reasons:
  1. Every MBSportsWeb website package includes one domain name as a part of the annual fees, as long as that domain is under our account at GoDaddy.  This will save your association $20-$50 annually versus paying it separately.
  2. When we have administrative control over the domain name, we can ensure that all the required settings for the domain have been setup properly.  Plus, if we ever need to make a change we can do so immediately, and in bulk if needed.  Not having administrative control could lead to delays in making any necessary changes and therefore could lead to service interruptions.

Having the domain name under our GoDaddy account, in our interpretation, does NOT mean that we own the domain.  Should your association decide to go with another website provider, we will oblige any requests to transfer the domain provided there are no outstanding fees for the site.  In fact, we will insist that the domain is transferred to the new provider since we will no longer wish to pay for its renewal.

How To Transfer Your Domain to our GoDaddy Account

There are two main scenarios which are common when transferring your domain to our account:  
  1. The domain name is already registered at GoDaddy, just under a different account.
  2. The domain name is not currently registered at GoDaddy.

To find out whether or not your domain name is already registered at GoDaddy, we recommend that you visit this page to find out.  After submitting the domain name (and sometimes passing the human verification challenge), the information displayed on the page should indicate who the current registrar and contacts are for the domain name.  The process for completing the transfer is different for each of the scenarios above, and is outlined below.

Scenario #1: The Domain is Already Registered at GoDaddy

This is the simpler of the two scenarios, since all that needs to happen is what's called an "account change" within GoDaddy.  However, it is the least common of the two.  The process for doing an account change is described here:
The person who currently has the administrative control over your domain name will need to login to their GoDaddy account to initiate the account change request.  The information you’ll need to complete the account change is as follows:
Customer #: 36352050

We will be notified when the account change has been initiated and will accept the change as soon as possible.  Once the change has been accepted, it typically takes only a few moments before the account change has completed.


Scenario #2: The Domain is NOT Registered at GoDaddy

This is the much more common scenario.  It can be somewhat more complicated, and it can take much longer to complete.  The steps for this scenario as as follows:
  1. MBSportsWeb will initiate a domain transfer request from our GoDaddy account.
  2. GoDaddy will send an email to the current administrative contact for the domain name.  Note that for ".ca" domain names, since GoDaddy is unable to lookup the contact information they send this email to us instead.
  3. The email from GoDaddy has two pieces of information in it which are extra security measures put in place by them - a Transaction ID and a Security Code.  If that email was sent to somebody other than us (ie. if it's not a ".ca" domain name), then that person needs to forward the email to us at  We cannot process the transfer in our GoDaddy account without those two codes.
  4. In addition, whoever has the login information at the current registrar will need to login to their website and unlock the domain, so that it is available for transfer.  They will also need to request a domain transfer authorization code (sometimes referred to as an EPP code) from the existing registrar.  Most registrars make this code available on-screen, some will email it to the administrative contact by clicking a button, and in a few rare cases you may need to contact their support department.  However the transfer code has been received, it will need to be emailed to us at
  5. After we have received all three codes - the Transaction ID, the Security Code, and the Domain Transfer / EPP Code, we will enter them into our GoDaddy account to process the transfer.
  6. As long as the domain name is unlocked, the transfer should complete in 5-7 days.  If the transfer fails for any reason, we will be notified right away and will pass along that information as needed.  If it is a ".ca" domain name, the transfer takes considerably less time to complete - usually within an hour or two.


If You Don't Want To Transfer Your Domain to our GoDaddy Account

We strongly recommend that you reconsider, however, in order to provide us with the necessary control over the DNS for the domain name you will need to update the name servers for the domain name to the following:

We use CloudFlare to manage the DNS for all the associations in the website, as well as provide a major layer of security protection from malicious attacks.