How-To: Going Live With Your Website

Your association has evaluated MBSportsWeb, perhaps compared other providers, and decided to use our services.  The very first question we usually get is - "so, how do we go live?".  This article outlines the general process.


Step 1: Create Your Website

It sounds obvious, but this is the first thing that needs to happen.  Chances are, however, that this step has already been completed before making the decision to come on board.  If, during your evaluation, we created a "custom demo" site for you to play with using as a temporary domain name, then we've already created your website.  Any data / content that's in your custom demo site which is "real" can stay there, but any "dummy" data should be deleted.

If you didn't have a custom demo site setup before making the decision, then we will get started with this right away.  Each website is completely isolated from the others, so we create your database, create your site's folders and files on the server, add the site to our web server, and so on.  If you are moving from an existing website to the new one, we will setup a temporary domain name so that you can access it from the internet.


Step 2: Create / Modify The Skin

We work with you on adding your logo(s), colours, and other graphical elements that make up the skin for the site, which makes your site look like it represents your association.  We can usually grab your logo(s) off the internet, but if there's a really high quality version available, please send it to us.  There are some limitations when it comes to the skin, but there's also a great deal of flexibility.  This is usually a bit of a back-and-forth process.

We will also use your logo to create a "favicon" for the site - which is the little icon that shows up in the tab of the browser when you visit your site.


Step 3a: Transfer / Register Your Domain Name

If you don't have a domain name, we will register one for you - just let us know what you prefer and if it's available, we'll register it.  Keep in mind that this does not mean that we own your domain name - should you ever wish to discontinue our services we will happily arrange for it to be transferred to another registrar as long as your account does not have an outstanding balance.

If you do already have a domain name, please refer to this knowledge base article that describes the process for transferring it to our registrar.


Step 3b: Populate Your New Website With Content

While we are working on the domain name, you can use the temporary address for the new site to start adding your information to it.  This may require a training session for the people on your end who will be looking after the website, although there are some resources available online to help you get started.  In addition to our Support Central site (which you're on right now), a great place to start would be our YouTube channel.  Also be sure to follow @mbsportsweb on Twitter for announcements on upcoming webinars, which are also posted to our website.

If you're migrating from an existing website and you'd like us to do the migration for you, this is also available for a small fee.  Just let us know that you'd like us to do this for you and we'll give you an estimate on how long it will take.


Step 4:  Setup Your Email

We will create your domain name on our mail server so that you can start setting up your email users and aliases.  This can be done later if you wish, but if you already have email addresses associated with your domain name, we highly recommend that those are re-created on the new mail server before going live.

Step 5: Go Live!

Once you think you're ready to go live with the new site, just let us know and we'll update your domain name to make it happen.  Depending on the current status of the domain name, this change can take anywhere from a couple minutes to 48 hours.