How-To: Creating Team Webmasters

Here's the quick steps for setting up the team webmasters:
1) Go to System Administration -> Manage Users -> View All Users
2) Click Add User
This form has two tabs - make sure to complete both before clicking the Insert & Notify button.
3) On the Login Information tab, start with their real name (proper casing looks best), then email address.  For the username, we recommend using a naming convention such as first initial, last name.  So if the person's name is John Smith, the username would be jsmith.  Using a naming convention will make it easier for people to remember their username.  Don't use usernames for the team (like minoratom) because it'll be harder to track who's doing what, and doesn't work for going year-to-year.  Leave the default password since the site will prompt the user to change their password once they login.  It also makes it easier for you to tell them their username & password in case the notification email gets lost or marked as spam.
Don't click Insert & Notify yet!
4) Click the Control Panel Roles tab.  There's a bunch of drop-downs but what you'll want is Role Name = Webmaster, Assigned For = Team, Season = (current season).  Then select the appropriate team.  The expires should be set to the end of the season automatically, but can be changed if needed.  Click the Add/Update Role link underneath the expires date.  Repeat for other teams if this person will need to have access to more than one team.
There's a description of what each role is on that page as well.
Finally, click Insert & Notify.  An email will be sent to the new user with their login information as well as the link to the Control Panel Overview video to help them get started.  There's also a PDF available within their Manage Site Content module with more help available if needed.

Note that if you click Insert & Notify *before* adding the Control Panel Roles for the user, then the user will still receive notification of their account being created but it will not have the additional instructions for getting started with the Control Panel.