How To: Create & Manage Email Users

Your annual subscription includes an email package (Essential Email Plan) consisting of both email users and aliases (forwarding addresses).  Additional users and aliases can be purchased if needed.  Plans are outlined here.
An email user is defined as an account that has abilities to send, receive, save, and store messages.  If your users are currently using personal or alternative accounts and do not need email storage it is suggested to set them up as an email alias instead of an email user.
To add a new email user you'll need to have Global Administrative rights to your site.  Within the Control Panel you'll follow these steps:  System Administration -> Email Administration -> Email Users.
From here you'll have the ability to double-click to edit a current email user, or "Add Email User" (button in the top right).
You'll need to enter the following information (* denotes required fields):
  • *Email Address - only the beginning portion such as "president"
  • *First Name
  • *Last Name
  • *Password - password requirements are:  minimum of 6 characters and must include at least:  1 upper case letter, 1 lower case letter, 1 number and 1 special character
  • Forward Incoming Mail To - is an optional field
  • Email Domain Administrator - this box only needs checked if the user will need access to items such as mailing lists, or if you intend on replacing the "admin" default account.  At least 1 administrative account is required.
  • *Mailbox Size Limit - is a suggested 100MB.  Your users share storage space and this number may need adjusted according to your needs.  The number MUST be filled in or the system will give an error when Inserting the user.